Atsushi Mimuro

5th December 2016 - 1 minute read

Biography facts:

Some key facts about Atsushi Mimuro Sensei.

Atsushi Mimuro

Technical Adviser – Atsushi Mimuro sensei:

Ever since Fujita sensei retired, Karesz was not just looking for another sensei who he can keep learning from, but also for an inspiration, a new era in his Aikido. Karesz met Mimuro sensei first in 2009 while he was in the UK, since then their friendship and the relationship between their dojos had grown very close together. Mimuro sensei became the technical advisor of our dojo in 2011 that we are very proud of. The sensei is promoting his fantastic knowledge which he learned from the late Yamaguchi sensei on his seminars which we are regularly visiting in the UK and Japan.