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“Aikido is my companion along the journey called Life” – Karesz sensei”

Karol Hoffer

Sandan (3rd dan) sensei

Karol (or Karesz as friends call him) is practising Aikido since early 1999. He quickly realised that Aikido is not just a martial art but also a very energetic lifestyle. Karesz got plenty of his friends involved in Hungary and Slovakia, and often he was practising seven days a week. He passed his Shodan grading in the summer of 2003 in front of Fujita Masatake 8th Dan Shihan in Budapest. In 2011 he passed his Nidan grading in front of Atsushi Mimuro 7 Dan sensei in Yokohama, Japan.

Now he can say that Aikido became the foundation of his life. Until he moved to London, he was learning from Laszlo Elsner 6th Dan, who was the first pioneer of Aikido in Hungary, nearly 30 years ago. But as life brought Karesz abroad, he had to look into different ways of learning further and deepening his knowledge away from home. Karesz is teaching Aikido since 2006 in London, Wimbledon, meanwhile regularly visiting international Aikido seminars led by the greatest masters who deeply inspires his Aikido like the Doshu, Fujita Yamada, Kobayashi, Tissier and Mimuro sensei.


Karesz Hoffer - Aikikai Aikido sensei
Szabolcs Madarasz - Aikikai Aikido

Szabolcs Madarasz

Shodan (1st dan)


When Karesz moved to London in 2005, Szabi followed him a year later. He took a major part of creating a new Aikido club in Wimbledon, where he became an Instructor.

Szabolcs was introduced to Aikido by Karesz in 1999, ever since they have practised together under Laszlo Elsner 6th Dan.


Atsushi Mimuro

Shichidan (7th dan) sensei


  • 7th Dan Aikido (2014/1/12 “Aikikai Foundation” Kagami Biraki)
  • 6th Dan Aikido (1995/1/8 “Aikikai Foundation” No.661)
  • Coach of Meiji University AIKIDO Club
  • Mimuro has been trained for more than 20 years under Seigo Yamaguchi Shihan(Master) of AIKIKAI Foundation HQ since he was a student of AIKIDO club of Meiji University.
  • For 2 and half years from 1991 Mimuro was working in the Tahiti (French Polynesia) and instructed AIKIDO.
  • The Yokohama international Aikido Club was established in September 1997.
  • From June 2008, It concentrates on the guidance of the aikido in Japan and foreign countries.
  • Born in November 1954.

Technical Adviser:

Ever since Fujita sensei retired, Karesz was not just looking for another sensei who he can keep learning from, but also for an inspiration, a new era in his Aikido. Karesz met Mimuro sensei first in 2009 while he was in the UK, since then their friendship and the relationship between their dojos had grown very close together. Mimuro sensei became the technical advisor of our dojo in 2011 that we are very proud of. The sensei is promoting his fantastic knowledge learned from the late Yamaguchi sensei on his seminars which we are regularly visiting in the UK and Japan.[/pivot_section_title]

Atsushi Mimuro - Aikikai Aikido sensei
Morihei Ueshiba
Kicking leaves you momentarily on one foot, and for that moment you are in a very weak position. If you were to be swept off your feet, you would be finished. This is why lifting your feet off the ground is crazy.